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  • 歡迎來到洛陽開元礦業集團有限公司官網!

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    當前位置:首頁 | 權屬企業







    Beijing Shiyuan Culture Media Co., Ltd., founded in December, 2015, is located in 3 Floor, Building 4, No.170, Beiyuan Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing (No.451, Datun Incubator). It is the second subsidiary of Luoyang Kaiyuan Mining Group Co., Ltd. with 10 million yuan registered capital in Beijing.

    Our company mainly aims to conduct the exchange activities of culture and art, the plan for film and television, authentication activities for antiques, services in technology promotion, design, making, agent and publishing of advertisements, services in meeting, undertaking to hold exhibition activities, designs of computer animation, designs in packaging and decorating, designs for products, consultation of economic and trade, etc.

    We are both the creator of Shiyuan culture and the disseminator of Huaxia culture. Our company has collected many young pragmatic elites who have ideal, passion, and creativity. They take the market as guide, take innovating entertainment as idea, synchronize with market, take powerful Kuaiyuan Group as basis, and focus on a new first-rate culture media company with strength and features.

    New idea and new team, we want to seek a deep cooperation with you, use our creativity to push you success, and use our wisdom to light your hope. Shiyuan culture achieves you and me!


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    固 話:+86-379-6996 1666
    郵 箱:kyjt@kykyjt.com
    地 址:洛陽市洛龍區開元大道269號


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    版權所有:洛陽開元礦業集團有限公司 技術支持 青峰網絡